Grassroots Hockey League Refund Policy

The following rules shall govern requests for refunds regarding hockey registration fees:

1. Where a player decides not to play hockey before the commencement of the season, or after the first week of the season, a full refund will be granted less a $25 administration fee.  

2. Where a player decides not to play hockey because of a program change initiated by the Grassroots Hockey Program, a full refund will be granted.  

3. Where a player decides not to play hockey after being placed on a team and 2 weeks into the season, there shall be no refund.

4. Where a player is unable to continue in the hockey program for any of the following
reasons, a refund will be granted less $25 administration fee:
a. the player has moved away from Calgary;
b. the player has been injured and will be unable to play the remainder of the
c. a player must quit the program due to family related matters (ie: co-parenting or divorce)

5. Where a refund is requested, the Grassroots Hockey League may require that satisfactory evidence be
provided substantiating the basis for the requested refund.

6. Any determination by the Grassroots Hockey League regarding a players eligibility for refund or the
calculation of the refund is final.

For further information concerning refund policy or requests, please contact:

Grassroots Hockey Registrar
mail: 1536 - 30th Avenue SW, Calgary, AB, T2T 1P3


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