Registration - Volunteer Commitments (intro page 3 of 6)

As part of your program registration, you are expected to help out in some way.  You may be asked to help flood ice, scrape ice, coach, be a manager, or help out in some other way.  Even if you volunteer for one of these positions, you will likely still have to help clear the ice before or after games.

Volunteer commitments will vary from location to location.  Please be prepared to chip in and help out.  We will be signing up volutneers separately at a later date and/or you will be contacted by your team coach or manager.

All ice surfaces need to be cleared before the first game of the evening and after the final game of the evening .  Home teams are responsible for clearing the ice before a game and everyone should help clear the ice after the game.  Normally the earlier program will clear the ice at the beginning of the evening and the later group will clear it at the end (ie: 6-8 year old group will clear before 6:30pm game and 9-11 year old group will clear after their game).


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